During 1915, when Italy was in full textile development and the most important European market for the American cotton, Mr. Lamar Fleming, young employee of Anderson, Clayton & Co, one of the largest cotton merchant in the world, came to Italy and established the homonymous Company.
His activity and his contribution for our Nation allowed him the title of “the Italian Solidarity Star”, the highest honor of the Italian State to a foreign citizen.

When, after few years, he went back to the head offices in the States, Mr. Temistocle Solera, nephew of the well known composer and librettista Solera (among his works the famous Verdi’s Nabucco) took his place.
Later on, under the direction of another American, Mr. Sydnor Oden and with the collaboration of Mr. Camillo Livi, Lamar Fleming & Co became very soon one of the most active agencies in Italy, with offices in Milan and Genoa, the main port where cotton coming from overseas was unloaded.
After the Second World War, the Company had as partners Mr. Livi, Mr. Bovone and Mr. Drago and more recently Mr. Marco Albertoni, Mr. Oreste Ricotti, Mr. Franco Solera (son of Temistocle) and Mr. Antonio Del Balzo.
Dario Gregori, today’s senior partner and president of Lamar Fleming & Co, started working in the Company in 1975, becoming soon a partner of it.

In 1991, when the old partners retired, Lamar Fleming & Co teamed up with Federico Kronauer Sas, another company acting as raw cotton agency in Italy. The new Company was named F.K. (Fleming & Kronauer) Cotoni Srl and played for more than 15 years a leading role in the Italian raw cotton market and abroad.
At the beginning of 2008 after having ceased the agreement with Kronauer, the decision to go back to the historical name of Lamar Fleming & Co., giving therefore a strong signal of continuity and at the same time of renewal. The actual team is composed by Roberto Boldrini, Fabrizia Galimberti, Alessio and Dario Gregori

Mr. Lamar Fleming shaking hands at a formal meeting
Mr. Lamar Fleming seated in the cotton sample room
Mr. Lamar Fleming seated in the cotton sample room